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Regular price $130.00 CAD
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Pick out your own fabric for a brand new fun as heck hoodie! 

Be ready to let me know what colours, or prints you are looking for, and sizing. Width and length of your desired fit will be needed.

Layout options are infinite, but the more intricate the colour or pattern blocking may result in a price increase. Just get in touch though, and we can work it out! Most likely we can create style that fits within my time frames, and keep it at the current pricing. 

Sloth print? Let’s find it! Popsicles? We can find it!

The world is your oyster.

What To Expect:

Step One: Once you have purchased, I will be in touch to start the process of creating your piece. (Max 3 days)

Step Two: If you have colours, or pattern inspiration, please share with me! I have a lot of fabrics, but also love creating something new with my clients. 

Step Three: Take your measurements! Waist, Hips and Inseam are the most important here. Let me know if you have any other sizing concerns.  

Step Four: Once we have established your idea, I will make you an illustrated mock-up using the colours and fabric we have chosen together. 

Step Five: Relax while I sew I up your new dream piece! 

Customs take time to discuss, and to make! Please allow time for these to be made.