Turtleneck T-Shirt Dress

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This turtleneck dress is made out of the soft and supple, bamboo cotton jersey. This dress is comfortable, and sleek. Wear it to work, wear it casually, wear it to bed! It's awesome all around. T-shirt Dress/ Turtle Neck Dress Bust: Sm: 80 cm Med: 88 cm Lrg: 96 cm Waist:Sm: 68 cm Med: 76 cm Lrg: 84 cm Hips: Sm: 72 cm Med: 80 cm Lrg: 88 cm Length:Sm: 90 cm Med: 90 cm Lrg: 90 cm (Add 8 cm for larger/smaller sizing) If measurements don't match you, DM for a custom fit at no extra charge.