Each item is handmade by Rhandi Sandford in Canada.
Designed, printed, cut AND sewn. Please remember that you are not my only customer and some pieces take longer to complete than others.

Please wait at least two weeks for full production of your order, with a little extra time for multiple items.  I try my best to have my orders out in one week, but it depends on the complexity of the piece etc.


If you have a date in mind, like a birthday, festival, or vacation, please let me know! I can most likely arrange your pieces get done quicker. Add your date to the notes section if you already know, or email Rhandi at colourmeweirdshop@gmail.com


Why does my order take so long? 

C.M.W. Is a one person show (so far). All web design, social media, advertising, accounting, design, production etc. Is all done by one person. That’s a lot! I always appreciate your patience, and if you have a date in mind, get in touch ahead of time and I will do my best to make it work!

Why is shipping so much?

Honestly, this isn’t my decision. All shipping is calculated by a computer because the computer knows how much shipping will be from me, to you. Most times, your shipping price ends up being LESS than I have to pay. 

How do I take my own measurements?

It’s easy! Here is a link on how to, and if you don’t have a measuring tape, use string (without stretching it) and a flat ruler or anything else that can measure flat.

LINK: https://youtu.be/3ZSfY87v6pM

Does it cost more for customs?

Free sizing adjustments on everything!

Ex. Large chest, tiny waist? Add the measurements asked in the listing to the notes section at checkout, and I will adjust any pattern to fit you. 


Changes in Fabric, or changes in the design of a piece will have at least a $40 custom fee.

Ex. Adding velvet to a non velvet piece, adding pockets, length changes of more than 4”, asking for a colour I do not have.


What if something doesn’t fit?

Well then, I want to fix it! Whether it is a mistake I made, or you don’t like the fit, please let me know. I will arrange the exchange and make it as easy as possible. Fit is important, and your feedback helps me make a better product.